Micro-Filters For Air & Gas Filtration

Series S

Demands for the pre-filtration of compressed air and gas in the food, beverage, dairy, brewery and pharmaceutical industries are continuously increasing. Pre-filtration for solid particles, water, oils and oil vapour is now an essential requirement before final sterile filtration. Essentials of pre-filtration are also high flow, largest possible filter area, low differential pressure, long service life and cost effectiveness.

As a solution for compressed air and gas applications, the S series cartridge was developed with a variety of micron and oil retentions. Additionally, the S series compliments the SG series by means of similar cartridge connections.

The S series cartridges helps reduce solid particle, oil and water contamination from compressed gases

The PMT™ micro-filter series S is equipped with a PMT™ pleated multilayer cartridge. The design of the cartridge and filter housing aids in quick replacement of filter cartridges.

Standard Equipment Includes:

- Stainless Steel filter housing
- Pleated multi-layer filter cartridge
- Stainless Steel glycerine filled and temperature resistant pressure gauge

The PMT™ stainless steel filter housing is designed for manual vapour draining during operation. (Drain valves are an optional extra).

Specification Sheet (Pdf)