Sterile Air & Gas Filtration

Series SG & SGF Filters

Demands for the sterilisation of compressed air and gas in the food, beverage, dairy, brewery and pharmaceutical industries are continuously increasing. Complete retention of micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses and bacteriophages, the largest surface area, low pressure differential and cost effectiveness are standard requirements that a sterile filter must achieve.

As a solution for this application, the SG and SGF series of filter cartridges were developed with an absolute retention of 0.01μm in compressed air and gasses.

With the help of pleated media, High flow rates with low pressure differential are possible.

Series SG and SGF sterile filter acrtridges revolutionise sterile air filtration. They offer the best opportunity fo rcost effective and reliable sterile filtration.

The PMT™ sterile filter series SG is equipped with a PMT™ pleated hydrophobic PTFE filter cartridge. The design of the cartridge and filter housing aids in quick replacement of the filter cartridges.

Standard Equipment Includes:

- Stainless Steel filter housing.
- Pleated hydrophobic PTFE filter cartridge.
- Stainless Steel glycerine filled and temperature resistant pressure gauge.

The PMT™ sterile filter housing is designed for upstream sampling, condensate draining during sterilisation and gas venting. (Valves are an optional extra).

Specification Sheet (Pdf)