Oil, Refinery Application:

Final product filtration in oil refineries.


Refineries produce gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel, fuel oils and kerosene. These products are generally stored at the refinery in tank farms before they are transported to distribution terminals or end users.

In many of the refineries, the tanks in the farm contain rust, scale and traces of water. In most cases a cartridge pre-filter and coalescer is used both before and after the tanks. The function of the filters and coalescer before the tank is to minimize the carry over of dirt and water from the refinery piping to the tanks. Down stream of the tanks, it is necessary to protect the distribution coalescers. The filters are generally either FP718 or FP614 cartridges. In some cases, each column may contain three cartridges.


FP718, FP614 pleated cellulose cartridges for pre-filters.

Micron rating from 0.5 to 10 microns are typically specified.


The high surface area and high efficiency of our FP series cartridges will provide performance advantages over major competitors in this application.

Since many of the housings already installed in refineries use triple length cartridges, you should take advantage of our double length FP736 and FP629 cartridges. Stacking single length cartridges on top of double length cartridges make it easier for operations to remove dirty cartridges.

Final Product Filtration in Oil Refineries: