Absolute rated pleated polypropylene cartridges.

Markets / Applications:

- Electronics / Deionised water, Reverse Osmosis pre-filter, Pre-filter for membranes.
- Food & beverage / Beer, Vegetable oils, Soft drink make up and process water, Fruit juices and bottled water.
- Pharmaceutical / Chemical Intermediates and solvents, membrane pre-filter
- Water / Rinse water, High purity water, Potable water, Resin trap
- Chemicals / Reagent grade chemical polishing, Intermediate and fine chemicals
- Other / Precious metal recovery, Catalyst recovery, Waste water

Features & Benefits:

> Absolute rated for consistent and reliable performance. Absolute ratings are determined at 99.98 % removal efficiency ($ = 5,000) using particle counting procedures.
> Back washable media decreases filtration costs by providing longer service life, less maintenance and fewer cartridges for disposal.
> 100 % polypropylene media offers compatibility with most chemicals, acids, caustics and solvents.
> Continuous length pleated construction provides high flow rates, low pressure drop, long service life and integral construction to prevent bypass.
> High purity materials meet FDA regulations for food contact, are non-toxic, non-fibre releasing and minimal extractibles.
> Fused construction and continuous lengths eliminate the needs for adhesives and allow for bubble point integrity testing.