Absolute, economical filtration with pleated microfiberglass cartridges.

PMT Glass-Mate cartridges offer an economical choice for absolute-rated efficiency, high flow rate capability and long service life. A wide variety of construction components, end fittings and seal options make this product line ideal for pre-filtration and point of use filtration for many industrial applications.

Glass-Mate pleated cartridges are available in 0.45Fm, 1Fm, 2Fm, 3Fm, 5Fm, 10Fm, 20Fm and 40Fm absolute rated pore sizes.

Markets / Applications:

- Chemical processing
- Membrane pre-filtration
- Oil/Gas production
- Corn syrup
- Food & Beverage
- Critical lubricating oils
- Photographic
- Sterile air
- Coatings
- Aromatic hydrocarbons
- Power generation
- Reverse Osmosis pre-filtration
- Pharmaceutical
- Oilfield completion fluids
- Wine clarification
- Beer stabilization
- Peroxide process

Features & Benefits:

> Absolute-rated media provide reliable pore size control.
> Thermal bonding eliminates particle bypass.
> Laminated media/ support layer maximizes flow capacity and media utilization and minimizes media migration.
> Variety of construction/seal options increases compatibility choices.
> Several end fitting options provide competitive housing retrofit capability.
> All FDA listed components biosafe per USP Class V1-121E Plastic Tests allows filtration of edible and potable liquids.
> Optional stainless steel O-ring adapter inserts provide added stability for in situ sterilization.
> High surface area yields high flow rate/low differential pressure capability.
> Non-fiber-releasing media with minimal extractables provides high purity filtrate.