Steam Filter

DS Series

Demands for clean steam for solid impurity removal during steam filtration within the food, beverage, dairy, brewery and pharmaceutical industries are continuously increasing. In addition standard characteristics / requirements that a filter must meet are, high flow rates, largest possible filter area, low differential pressure and cost effectiveness.

Clean steam is required for in-situ pipe, tank / vessel and filter system sterilisation. Generally this steam contains a considerable amount of debris, rust and pipe scale which are all quality negatives. Hence it is essential that the steam be cleaned for process. Coupled with this, a shortened life of filters, valves etc could be experienced if the steam is not filtered.

PMT series DS sintered stainless steel filter cartridges revolutionise steam filtration and also offer excellent chemical resistance and mechanical stability due to their special design. They offer the user the best opportunity for cost effective and reliable filtration.

Standard Equipment Includes:

- Stainless steel filter housing.
- Sintered stainless steel cartridge.
- Stainless steel glycerine filled and temperature resistant pressure gauge.

The PMT steam filter housing is designed for upstream sampling, condensate draining / venting during steaming. (Valves are an optional extra).

Specification Sheet (Pdf)