Microkeg A4/2

Automatic Keg Cleaning And Filling Machine.

A Two head, Four station Keg machine. Kegs are transported to the Keg machine via conveyor, where after the Kegs are automatically passed within the Keg machine's cleaning and filling heads and at end, automatically discharged.


- Two head Keg, four station cleaning and filling machine.
- PLC automatic controlled cleaning and filling process after Keg automatically positioned and process started.
- Residual Keg internal pressure check.
- Multiple cleaning cycle / programme alternatives.
- Cleaning by intensive interval pressure pulsed cycles.
- Improved cleaning with counter-flow process.
- Multiple speed cleaning option for improved intensive clean.
- Smooth filling with Keg CO2 counter-pressurisation.
- Minimal product loss during filling.
- Filling head sterilisation after every fill cycle.
- All stainless steel frame design and compact construction.
- Intelligent process step and fault reporting.
- Suitable for simultaneous cleaning and filling of all Keg sizes.
- Quick change for different spear types.
- Simple and safe operation.
- Maintenance and user friendly.