Microkeg M2/2

Semi Automatic two head Keg Cleaning & Filling Machine


- Two head Keg cleaning and filling machine.
- PLC automatic controlled cleaning and filling process after Keg manually positioned and process started.
- Residual Keg internal pressure check.
- Multiple cleaning cycle / programme alternatives.
- Cleaning by intensive interval pressure pulsed cycles.
- Improved cleaning with counter-flow process.
- Multiple speed cleaning option for improved intensive clean.
- Smooth filling with Keg CO2 counter-pressurisation.
- Minimal product loss during filling.
- Filling head sterilisation after every fill cycle.
- All stainless steel frame design and compact construction.
- Intelligent process step and fault reporting.
- Suitable for simultaneous cleaning and filling of all Keg sizes.
- Quick change for different spear types.
- Simple and safe operation.
- Maintenance and user friendly.