As a cost saver, a series of Micromat M2/2 Keg machines were built by M+F KEGTECHNIK GmbH using a single keg clamping cylinder / mechanism. (Before retrofit)

The series was short-lived due to inflexibility and problematic issues namely:

- Having to start and end with Kegs of similar size.
- Twisting of the clamping mechanism.
- Product leakage due to poor spear contact and twisting.
- Inability to mix kegs of various sizes.

Before Retrofit:

As a solution, PMT created a quick and simple retrofit assembly which addressed and solved ALL the above issues. Additionally, significance of PMT's kit are:

- Simplicity in that the change out of the above is supplied in kit form.
- Change out time can be as short as 90 minutes.
- Clamping is now on the base cone of the Keg. This avoids clamping problems due to damaged chimes.
- Kegs of different sizes are now both simultaneously cleaned and filled.

After Retrofit: