Viper Disc

The ideal and preferred choice for efficient and affective internal tank washing. Powered by the cleaning fluid, the rotating disc generates a high 360° impingement cleaning effect together with an improved effective cleaning diameter.

- Smart compact design
- Self lubricating
- Low flow
- High impingement
- Large effective cleaning diameter
- Fast cleaning
- Hygienic construction
- Multiple connections
- Robust construction
- Self cleaning
- Robust construction
- 360° cleaning pattern

Model 150 (1½")

Connection: 1½" BSP x 11 TPI Socket
1½" Pipe Pinned Connection
DN 40 Pipe Pinned Connection
(Others On Request)
Material: Body:  SS316
Bush: Carbon / Glass / PTFE
Gaskets: PTFE
Max Operating Temp 120°C
Disc Diameter 70mm
Assembly Height 95mm - 105mm